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Welcome to the
UGA Community Music School

The UGA Community Music School is an outreach program of the Hugh Hodgson School of Music, designed to bring musical instruction to community members of all ages in and around the Athens area. The arts are an indispensable need not only for the education of children but also for the enrichment and quality of life of adults. The program welcomes all types of students - regardless of age or ability level. A member of the National Guild of Community Arts Education, the UGA Community Music School shares with other guild schools the mission of providing quality instruction in the arts to all who seek it.

The CMS offers private instruction in piano, voice, guitar, strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, music theory, and music composition. In addition to private lessons, CMS offers group classes, music ensembles, and music theory lessons to all who aspire to enhance their musical knowledge and ability.

Community Music School students have access to the state-of-the-art Music and Performing Arts Buildings at the University of Georgia. Students also have access to professional quality performance spaces including Ramsey Hall and Edge Hall, where solo recitals and ensemble concerts are performed throughout the year.

Faculty of the Community Music School includes undergraduate and graduate music students enrolled in the UGA Hodgson School of Music, as well as professional musicians from the surrounding community. Our student teachers have various degree objectives including music therapy, music education, and music performance. No matter what the degree, each CMS faculty member is dedicated to the musical development of every student in the school. Faculty members of the University of Georgia Hugh Hodgson School of Music participate in the Community Music School by teaching master classes, observing lessons, mentoring CMS faculty, and assisting with CMS class curricula.


We have all heard about the studies claiming that music makes you smarter. Music may or may not actually make you smarter but it does teach and utilize life skills that will help you succeed in all areas of life. These skills include patience, perseverence, self-evaluation, time-management, physical dexterity, discipline, humility, short-term and long-term goal setting and acheivement, as well as listening and observational skills -  skills necessary to be successful in any profession!

In addition to developing life-skills, music is one of the only disciplines to engage multiple portions of the brain at the same time. Unlike many of our day to day activities, music is such a universal stimulant that all areas of the brain become engaged and active even when we are just listening to music. The effect on the brain becomes much greater when we begin to experience and actively participate in music. Everyone can benefit from this stimulation regardless of age, occupation, musical experience, physical dexterity, health, economic status,or intelligence. So, music certainly keeps our brain healthy and active, which probably makes us healthier and happier and by consequence, just might make us smarter!!

The Community Music School aims to serve everyone in the community including newborns, school children, college students, adults, and retirees. We strive to create classes and programs to involve students of all ages in an affordable, relaxed environment. It is not our goal to create musical prodigies but to meet you wherever you may be in your musical career and lead you to wherever your musical goals may take you. You do not need to have any prior musical experience or knowledge to participate in the Community Music School. We hope you choose to join us in making some music very soon!









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