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2017/2018 Academic year

Fall: August 24 - December 4
Spring: January 8 - April 23

Fall registration due August 14, 2017.
Late registration is possible
, but teacher availability may be limited.  Late registration may also result in fewer than 14 lessons in the semester.  Tuition is pro-rated for students who register late.

Fees for UGA student-taught private lessons:
Private lessons (1 semester/2 semesters):
30 minute lessons: $364 / $728
45-minute lessons: $560 / $1120
1 hour lessons: $728 / $1456

Keyboard Kids (1 semester/2 semesters):
(includes 28 + 16 group classes)
30 minute lessons: $400 / $800
45-minute lessons: $600 / $1200
1 hour lessons: $800 / $160

Prior to the first Keyboard Kids lesson, new students will need to purchase the following:

Music Tree Time to Begin Lesson book
Music Tree Time to Begin Activities book
Music Tree Time to Begin Accompaniment CD

We have provided a link to the publisher of these books above for your reference, but recommend that you purchase them locally from Chick Music in downtown Athens.

Suzuki Violin and Viola fees (1 semester/2 semesters):

Taught by Professionally Trained Suzuki instructors:
(includes 28 lessons and 20 group classes + annual workshop)
30-minute lessons (beginners):
$425 / $850
45 minute lessons: $640 / $1280
1 hour lessons: $850 / $1700

New students will need to purchase Suzuki Violin Book 1 Music and CD set. We recommend purchasing this locally at Chick Music in downtown Athens.

Suzuki Guitar fees:
(includes 28 lessons)
30-minute lessons (beginners): $406 / $812
45 minute lessons: $609 / $1218
1 hour lessons: $812 / $1624

Payment Options for Private lessons
Payment for all classes must be paid in full with registration. The following payment plans are available to students enrolled in private lessons:

1.) Semesterly 2 total payments due August and January

2.) Quarterly 4 total payments due August, Nov., Jan., March

3.) Monthly payment plan: 8 payments due each month, August - April, no payment in December.
Students who choose this option will be charged a one-time $25 fee to be paid with first payment. Students who join in the Spring semester will be charged a one-time $15 fee to be paid with the first payment.

With all payment plans, statements stating the balance due will be sent via email 2 weeks prior to the payment deadline. A late fee of $25 will be applied to balances not paid by 1 week after the due date. Lessons will discontinue if payment is 2 weeks late.

Fee and Registration Policies

  • Lessons may not begin until all aspects of the first tuition payment have been paid. Students may register online. Credit card payments online are preferred but checks are permitted. Check payments should be made payable to UGA School of Music and sent to: The Community Music School, 250 River Road, Room 230, Athens, GA 30602. Please contact the CMS office for office hours if you would like to drop off your payment.

  • All payments for private lessons must be made by the specified due date or a late charge of $25 will be added.  Email reminders and statements are sent 2 weeks prior to tuition due dates.

  • All class tuition (not private lessons) must be paid in full with registration in order to reserve your spot in the class.

  • There is a $25 non-refundable registration fee for all new students taking private lessons.

  •  Once a student registers for lessons in the Community Music School, it is understood they will continue study through to the end of that semester. In the case of a mid-semester withdrawal request, students will be expected to pay for all lessons received (including any cancelled by the student), plus a $50 administrative fee. Please contact the CMS director prior to registering if you cannot participate for the entire semester. Exceptions can be made if the teacher is aware of the situation in advance, or for extreme circumstances only (moving out of the area, or extreme illness).

  • A family discount is offered for families with more than one family member enrolled in private lessons. The discount will be $20 off tuition per child = $40 off total tuition for 2 students or $60 off total tuition for 3 or more students. The maximum family discount is $60 per family. Family discounts apply ONLY when both family members are enrolled in private lessons. Family discounts do not apply for Suzuki siblings who may be eligible to share a lesson. Family discounts do not apply to students receiving financial assistance.

  • Partial scholarships are available on a limited basis for cases of exceptional need.  Family discounts are not extended to families who qualify for financial scholarships. Please consult the CMS office for a financial assistance application.

  • When sending checks in the mail, please be sure to include "Community Music School" or "CMS" in the address on the front of the envelope.

















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Ever wonder where your fees go?

~ free recital opportunities every semester
~ free recital accompanist and rehearsal time
~ free receptions

~ competitive pay for teachers
~ teacher training
~ funding of student teaching assistantships
~ recruiting of the best and brightest for teaching assistantship positions

~ piano tuning and maintenance
~ use of performance halls
~ use of School of Music facilities
~ updated software in piano lab
~ rental fees for non-UGA spaces

~ full and part time office staff
~ trained billing professional
~ database software updates

And much, much more!!