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Hugh Hodgson School of Music
250 River Road
Athens, GA 30602-7287
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String Project Class Schedule

All Athens area students are welcome at either of our sites.
Residency in a county or attendance at a public school is not a requirement for participation.

Classes follow the UGA academic calendar and the respective school district calendars for days off:


Please click here for a detailed list of materials
needed by String Project students.

Class Offerings

Explorer I

This class for all new beginners will spend the first month of the first semester developing a good bow hold, learning about all the string instruments, and working on rhythm and note reading skills in order to lay a solid foundation for beginning instruction on the instrument of their choice in October.

Explorer II

For students who have had at least one year of instruction and have shown a level of proficiency determined by the director. The class will continue development of a sound technique on the instrument and instruction in the fundamentals of music.

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Ensembles

For students who have had two years of instruction or who have shown a level of proficiency determined by the director. There will be continued development of technique on the instrument and music fundamentals enabling increasingly more advanced opportunities to play independent parts within a mixed instrument ensemble.


Athens-Clarke County
Hosted at Barrow Elementary School
100 Pinecrest Drive
classes are held Mondays and Wednesdays

Explorer I & II - 4:oo - 4:50

Ensembles - 5:00 - 5:50

We would like to thank Clarke County and AthFest Educates, who have partnered to sponsor need-based scholarships and provide instruments for students in ACC who qualify for free or reduced lunch. If you would like to apply, download the String Project Scholarship Application. Once approval has been obtained, we will apply the semester scholarship and provide the appropriate sized instrument for the student at no cost.

Oconee County Classes suspended until further notice.


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All Registration is now online!


Fall: returning students by August 25
new students by Sept. 3

Spring: by January 1

Clarke County School District students who qualify for free
or reduced price lunch are eligible for full tuition wavers
and the use of an AthFest instrument while enrolled in the UGA
String Project. Please register online and pay the $5 registration
fee indicating in the comment box that you have filled out the
appropriate form with the school district and have been approved
for free or reduced lunch.