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Why choose the
UGA Community Music School?

Regardless of the type of instruction you are seeking - from private to group, from a toddler to a senior adult, you want to get the most for your money, and ultimately, you want to progress in the most efficient and inspiring way. Below are just some advantages you can expect to experience by choosing to enroll in the Community Music School:

Professionally trained musicians

All of our faculty are either professionally trained musicians with collegiate music degrees, or are currently in pursuit of those degrees. Most have taken additional steps to study pedagogy - the how to teach - specifically. These faculty are not only knowledgeable about their instrument, but how to teach the aspects of that instrument and music in general in the most efficient way, from physical, psychological, and physiological perspectives. You won't find self-taught musicians, but musicians who have dedicated hours and hours to honing their craft through their own training, and are here to pass that knowledge and experience on to their students. Our graduate student faculty members are also mentored by faculty in the Hugh Hodgson School of Music.

State-of-the-art facilities

From recital halls, to classrooms, to piano labs, CMS students reap the benefits of using the state-of-the-art facilities in the Hugh Hodgson School of Music. CMS Recitals are held in Edge Recital Hall, and Keyboard Kids group classes are held in the piano labs, which are equipped with 12 work stations, each with a Yamaha Clavinova and a Mac computer.

Free Parking!

Parking is free on the surface lots surrounding the Hugh Hodgson School of Music on weekdays after 4pm and on weekends.


Students of all ages and skill levels can take private lessons on almost every instrument imaginable, and in some cases, group instruction is available. See our Adult page and New Horizons pages for adult group options. Keyboard Kids and Suzuki incorporate both private AND group instruction for a well-rounded approach for young beginners.

CMS offers a variety of payment plan options to suit every budget. Students can pay by Semester, by Quarter or by Month. See our Fees page for more details.


There is nothing more motivating to a young musician than getting to see and hear more advanced, and even professional musicians, live and up close. Walking through the halls of the Hugh Hodgson School of Music (where all CMS lessons and classes take place), CMS students are surrounded by the sounds and enthusiasm of other CMS students, CMS faculty, and even University faculty members practicing and performing.


A limited number of need-based financial assistance scholarships are available each year for students in need. Applications can be acquired by contacting the CMS office.


Feel free to browse our pages for all of the various programs we offer, and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We hope you will allow us to be a part of your life-long music-making journey!








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